Broadcasts helps you to utilize an unlimited number of resources in different fields which will make  you become an autonomous learner. As podcasts consist of audio and video files, they constitute an invaluable tool that contributes to the development of listening and pronunciation skills with original speech, dialogues.

Appeals to digital natives
Omnipresent-no time and place restriction
Enhances learner autonomy
Both online and offline
Contributes to the development of listening and pronunciation skills
Also supports other language skills
Limitless resources
Authentic (native use of language)
Involves both teacher and student 
from Yaman, İsmail. (2016). The Potential Benefits of Podcasts for Language Learning. JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL AND INSTRUCTIONAL STUDIES IN THE WORLD. 6. 
accompanying exercises. Accordingly, language learners can reap an integrated benefit from podcasts on their
journey to develop language skills..
microphones, radio, sound

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