You must be surrounded by English all the time to become fluent…

Talking about the weather ,answering a phone call, ordering food at a restaurant, booking a hotel room for a holiday, doing a job interview will be very easy for you to do just by practicing and ,listening to songs ,to conversations ,to radios , to podcasts or watching a film will help you acquire real vocabulary and become fluent speaker without grammar just by listening , repeating and memorizing the english phrases with a good intonation and native pronunciation.

musician, rockstar, band
girl, music, fashion

Listening materials
Rost (1994:145-146) stated that listening activities need some kind of language
input . This input may be pre-recorded on audio or video tape or it may be live from
the teacher or native speakers . Moreover, he suggested some kinds of input that
would be of most interest to the students as follows, 

1- Taped authentic conversation between native speakers , featuring functions , such as ,’ordering food in a restaurant ‘. 

2- Taped conversations that are simplified to allow for ease of comprehension .

 3- Taped authentic broadcast taken from television or radio , featuring news , documentaries or current topics .

 4- Prepared broadcast of news or documentaries , simplified for easily
comprehension . 5- Taped authentic films that are popular among native speakers

. 6- Taped enacted films that are simplified for easily comprehension .