How to book a hotel room

Listen  Three times  or more to these conversations and repeat loudly  until you memorize the useful phrases  and acquire the intonation and the pronunciation in order to  book a hotel rooms.

(check in ,check out ,book under the name, elevator, up stairs ,first floor ,second floor, breakfast ,lunch ,dinner, restaurant swimming pool  , bellboy ,full ,no vacancies, complementary , single room, double room , triple room , Suite, amenities, bathroom ,air conditioning, smoke-free, internet access, shower , towel, hair dryer ,room service, curtains, tv ,airport shuttle ,parking ,catering, buffet, ice machine, fitness/workout room, spa, laundry, pets allowed/pet-friendly, front desk, morning call/wake-up call wedding party, deposit, stairs/stairway, invoice, damage charge, noisy ).

suitcase, briefcase, travel
building, house, shops
people, woman, relax
Hotel Reservation
paris shops, café, restaurant
Hotel Reservation Procedure
hotel, reception, input range
girl, blonde, hotel
Booking Form
reception, woman, secretary
Hotel Reservation Form