TAKE AN ENGLISH BATH

 You must be surrounded by English all the time to become fluent…


Take an English bath  here with us by listening to Songs ,Interviews ,President’s speeches, Phone Calls, meetings ,finding a job, Stories, Podcasts , Radios,Daily Conversations (at a restaurant ,at the hotel ,at the airport, at the supermarket,  and  Films

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Barrier gestures: Used to describe the measures people can take to reduce the risk of infection. Regular hand washing, coughing and sneezing into one’s elbow and using a tissue only once are three signature barrier gestures recommended to prevent the spread of the virus.

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Do you want to be fluent in English without grammar? This site is for YOU ...

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Better communication

By learning English, you will be able to speak to people who belong to different communities. This possibility can greatly improve communication skills and can be useful if you work in an international company.Discovery of other culturesLanguage is a way to discover new cultures. Learning a new language will encourage the person to develop a greater sensitivity to ethnicity and cultures. The discovery of a new culture allowed you to gain flexibility and adaptability. In addition, you can discover new ways of looking at things which allows you to develop a broader perspective.Increased self-confidenceAcquiring a new language can improve self-confidence. Learning a new language improves the development of other faculties such as language, memory, etc. Multilingual people are much more likely to develop an affinity for openness and liveliness, which makes them naturally endearing. Such skills increase social integration and good living together.Learning languages ​​allows you to overcome social barriers. With a variety of cognitive benefits, multilingual skills also develop personal benefits. Even if it is advisable to learn a language from an early age, learning a language at any time in life can still be fruitful.Learning English can be a boon for your personal development. Don’t you know how learning a foreign language could help you?




                                                                                                    Just download these useful books ,that will help you to acquire more knowledge …

Why should we learn English

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